Emergency / Reactive Repair Service.

AOS Ltd offer a 24 hr – 365 days a year reactive repairs service to the Irish Market.

At present AOS Ltd have a number of contracted customers who we offer a reactive call service to- offering a minimum response time regardless of the location of the unit- commercial, retail, industrial.

These customers – usually have a scheduled -annual/bi annual – visit to there unit/units in which we will fully service the specified product, noting any wear and tear issue, damage, misuse or any other identifiable problem, at this point we will then provide a full service report recommending any repairs, replacements or upgrades- all with a view to maintaining the customers business trades without disruption.

The logic behind these scheduled visits is to minimise the amount of reactive or catastrophic incidents in which a product may fail in part or wholly – extending its life span without incident/or with as few incidents as possible- as products do and will fail due to host of reasons- misuse, damage, wear and tear- age.

However Reactive calls are a huge plus to the service we provide- accidental damage, failure of parts, misuse of a product- does and will ALWAYS occur, at this point when our company is engaged we endeavour to attend the issue as quickly as possible, the first and most pressing issue to ensure the customers business is able to trade immediately / or gain access /egress from the product- as quickly as possible.

Even in times when the product has had a complete failure, we endeavour to either open/close the product as so required, to ensure trade occurs or the security of a business is attained.